They are not just a punk band, they are not just a blues band, they are Johnny & the Bootlegs.

- Shane Hoyle (Indie Band Guru)


Johnny & The Bootlegs are an NYC Blues-Punk-Rock outfit established in 2016. Dedicated to the idea of creating good time, soul inspired, rock n roll. The bands debut, self-titled album was released in August 2017 and cites influence from artists like ZZ Top, Jimi Hendrix, Green Day and Sublime. J&tB is fronted by NYC singer-songwriter John Santiago with Eric Neuberger on Bass. Santiago and Neuberger write the songs of J&tB with Danny Kenny, then bringing in a cast of NYC characters on the drum kit. Their follow up EP entitled NYC Rags, with Ryan Adams on drums, was released on May 11th, 2018.

Johnny & the Bootlegs

“Their vibe is akin to classic rock, with those strong smoky vocals and amazing guitar riffs of Santiago perfectly supported by Neuberger’s bass and Adams’ drums.”

- Indie Voice Blog (Get It Or Forget It Reviews)







In The Press


Thrift Shop - Official Music Video


Always Late - Live at Silvana (Harlem, NYC)


"There are singers, and then, there are singers ⎯⎯  those who make the mountaintops crumble, the Red Sea to part and force you to your knees." 

                                                                                                      - Jason Scott; B-Sides & Badlands

                                                                                                                           review of "Don't Blink"


John Santiago is a singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist born, raised and residing in New York. Raised in a north shore town of Long Island, Santiago experienced the death of his first love at the age of thirteen, leading him on an inward search, resulting in a bachelors and masters degree in Psychology. He then moved to NYC at the age of twenty five, leaving love, education and the life he had been raised with, behind. Santiago moved to Brooklyn with his guitar and quickly climbed to become the General Manager of NYC's Webster Hall, where he began the creation of JSantiMusic. Based upon his writing style across many genres, the platform aims to cultivate artists of the like within a likeminded community, fostering each other. He released his debut solo, acoustic album on October 31st 2017, just months after the release of Johnny & the Bootlegs. The debut was recorded in his apartment, as well as at Studio G, both in Brooklyn, NY.


"Don't Blink"

Solo Acoustic, 1-take-Recording (Studio G, Bk)

"Woman Across The River"

Freddie King cover, recorded Live at Silvana, NYC

"Miss the Weekend"


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